3 Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Some of the most beautiful buildings in U.S. cities are noted for their elegant tinted windows. Building owners often opt for Commercial Window Tinting to give their structures a look that stands out. They also choose tinting in order to reduce energy costs. In addition, the filters included in tinting materials prevent the sun from damaging interior materials.

Tinted Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

EPA reports show that half of building utility costs are caused by heat gain and loss via untreated windows. However, just a thin tinted coating on the glass can reduce costs by 50%. Many building owners arrange for window tinting during construction. Others retrofit older structures to improve their energy efficiency. It is a very budget-friendly step since most owners realize a full payback in about three years. They also save money because HVAC systems are less stressed, which prolongs equipment life.

Tinting Makes Buildings More Beautiful

Buildings are often tinted windows to make them look more professional and inviting. Darkened windows create a decorator look that can give a building a more upscale feel. Customers tend to view buildings with tinted windows as cool and comfortable, which is critical to attracting walk-in traffic during city summers. Many visitors also see tinting as a sign that structures are well-maintained, which can create a sense of trust. Some building owners add tinting to interior windows and glass partitions. Window professionals can add colors and designs that create interest and increase privacy.

Tinted Glass Preserves Interior Contents

Businesses also tint commercial windows to protect their investments. The sun’s UV rays are very damaging to interior contents. Sunshine can eventually fade carpets, furniture, and artwork. It may also create havoc with carefully constructed window displays that include thousands of dollars in merchandise. Tinting can reduce UV rays by as much as 99% and add beauty, which unsightly solar shades do not.

The owners of commercial buildings often increase the buildings’ beauty by having the windows tinted. The film used to tint windows makes buildings more energy efficient and gives them a sharp professional look. Tinted windows also help to filter out UV rays that can destroy building contents.