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Why Hormone Replacement Therapy is the Best Prescription for Menopause

There are many complications that a woman experiences when the time for menopause finally arrives in her life. They tend to feel a number of symptoms, like hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, feeling run down, vaginal dryness, and so forth. Hormone replacement therapy is the result of research into modern medicine, and has successfully helped deal with the discomfort of this period in the lives of women. There has been the adaptation of this treatment by most women, with plenty more going for it. It has successfully done away with most of the symptoms that come with menopause. There are differences in how each woman goes through menopause. There are those who suffer greatly, while others are there who only experience mild symptoms. There are also different levels of health risks among these women. Hormone replacement therapy helps to not only deal with it but to also battle the health concerns. You will notice that most of the doctors and clinics now go for this therapy, as a measure against such unwanted effects.

In hormone replacement therapy, the idea is to bring back a balance in the levels of certain hormones that dwindle off once menopause starts, such as estrogen and progesterone, whose absence leads to those undesirable effects. The lack of these hormones is what leads to those unwanted effects. This therapy, therefore, helps relieve some of those symptoms, and also to make sure no health risks are left unattended to.

There has always been the question regarding the safety of hormone replacement therapy. Some of those concerns need time to be addressed. What is known for sure is that hormone replacement therapy has proven beneficial for a lot of women during this trying time. There are various ways in which this therapy helps the patients. IT has successfully led to the cap on bone loss which leads to osteoporosis. Apart from this, there is the common and visible relief they get from the vasomotor symptoms. They will also have fewer chances of getting colon cancer. The skin also benefits, when it is protected from radical damage. You then develop less wrinkles on the face. This therapy is also instrumental in minimizing the occurrence of vision loss and muscular degeneration.

Some women have reported a few concerns when undergoing this therapy. A few people have had endometrial cancer, breast cancer, and gallbladder cancer due t this therapy. For some, the presence of blood clots in their drawback. There are those how have experienced high blood pressure and stroke.
You therefore are advised to have a doctor present for your therapy. This is the safest option for you.

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